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Who and what is Glossa?

Glossa is run by one person, Anja Fonck, who loves the dynamic interaction of language teaching.  

In 1984 I got my master's degree in General Linguistics ( specialisation first and second language acquisition) from Amsterdam University. From then on  I have worked as a teacher of Dutch, I coached teachers and developed lesson material for Dutch as a second language. I started Glossa in 2005 in order to provide better learning opportunities for higher educated foreigners to master the Dutch language.

Glossa can help you to participate in Dutch society.  
  • improve your fluency
  • expand your vocabulary
  • train your ears to the Dutch around you
You can enrol in a course in a small group or you can follow a private course.
A private course is tailor made and usually starts with 5 lessons.  In those lessons you get a lot of input and become aware of  your  strong points and flaws in knowledge.  After the first 5 lessons  usually students need some time to process what they have learned. A follow up gives the opportunity to practice what you learned and master  the language on a higher level. If possible small groups are formed for more varied interaction.