Go Dutch!
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If you want to acquire a sound basis in Dutch the beginnerscourse 'Go Dutch' is just the thing for you.  During the sessions you practice Dutch. Right from the start you use daily language and you get acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of the Dutch language.   At home you work with the CD ROM course 'Go Dutch'. This course  offers you a lot of exercises and listening material. 
CD-rom course Go Dutch
'GoDutch'  is a very modern and lively CD ROM course. The language of instruction is English.  The aims of the course are to enable you to communicate on a basic level.   It also comprises a grammar. The language content is embedded in a wealth of cultural information. 

In order to do this course you need:
  • a multimedia PC with minimal system requirements: Pentium 500, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 24speed CD ROM Drive, 16 MB free memory. Works also with Windows 7.
  • a liking for working through computer lessons on your own (Go Dutch contains 40 - 50 hours of study at least). Additional lesson material and exercises will be provided.  
I can  'guide' you through 'Go Dutch' and teach you the essential basics of the Dutch language.  How far you get will depend on the amount of time and energy you can spend yourself. Language learning is working hard!

Private tuition or group of maximum of three 
Level beginners  or people that once started a course but did not finish.
Number of  lessons advice: get started with 10 sessions of 2 hours
Data starting  any time
  • At Glossa's, C. van Eesterenlaan in Amsterdam

  • in company, at students' home
Time by agreement  
Procedure of enrollment
  • intake to establish needs and wishes
  • trial of 'Go Dutch'
  • agreement about frequency of lessons and schedule
intake and orientation are free of charge
Lesson material
  • Go Dutch CD ROM course
  • build a basic vocabulary with Jip en Janneke (crossword puzzles in powerpoint)
  • listening and writing: luister, kijk en schrijf
Course fee  € 42,50 an hour (private) at Glossa's

Rates in company or at students' home: on demand