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Glossa is run by one person, Anja FonckGlossa focusses on improvement of language competence and personal coaching of learners of Dutch as a second language. For such a training Glossa uses its own lessonmaterial. Glossa starts where most courses end.
Before enrolment in a course, you do an intake.  such an intake consists of a test (to map what you know and do not know in Dutch)  and a personal chat to establish what you want, need and what the possibilities are.

Glossa can help you to participate in Dutch society.  
  • improve your fluency
  • expand your vocabulary
  • train your ears to the Dutch around you
You can enrol in a course in a small group or you can follow a private course.
A private course is tailor made and usually starts with 5 lessons.  In those lessons you get a lot of input and become aware of  your  strong points and flaws in knowledge.  After the first 5 lessons  usually students need some time to process what they have learned. A follow up gives the opportunity to practice what you learned and master  the language on a higher level. If possible small groups are formed for more varied interaction.

The beginners course Go Dutch lays the foundations in Dutch.  The key to communication is listening comprehension. A course Luister en begijp trains your ear to the Dutch sounds. If  you would like to improve your speaking skills, then a course  Conversatie voor (half)gevorderden might be interesting for you. Writing gives extra support to language acquisition. The e-mail course Luister, kijk en schrijf, gives that support. 
Many language learners get stuck after an initial course (or two). Use your Dutch or Nederlands Perfectioneren can break the deadlock and reward the energy  put in learning Dutch.
With the Training Staatsexamen II you can prepare yourself for the Staatsexamen. The cursusaanbod shows more possibilities to improve your Dutch.

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