luister, kijk en schrijf
listening and picture writing
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This course is meant to be of support to (semi)-beginners or intermediate students. The writing exercises help to consolidate what you learned or are learning.
Each lesson is based on a cartoon. The lesson starts with questions about this cartoon.  There is a MP3 file with these questions. After answering the questions you do a number of exercises. These exercises prepare you for the final composition exercise.
picture writing
Brief description of the course
You will recieve:
  • a booklet with cartoons
  • a CD (or USB stick)  with listening exercises (MP3) and reply forms in Word
  • an answer key
  • a final composition exercise
  • an instruction in Dutch, English and French 
For each lesson:
  • you listen to the MP3 file
  • you do the exercises on the reply forms (antwoordbladen)
  • you send in the final exercise by email
  • the corrected exercise will be sent back to you
Luister, kijk en schrijf  consists of three courses on three levels.
  • Luister, kijk en schrijf I,  niveau 1 (A1)
  • Luister, kijk en schrijf II, niveau 1-2 (A2)
  • Luister, kijk en schrijf III, niveau 2-3 (B1)   for explanation see  Image36.gif
Price for each course
Eur 35,==

You can ask for a free trial lesson contact Glossa
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