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Dutch for English-speaking Expats is intended for adults living and working in the Netherlands who need to learn and practise the essential communication tools of the Dutch language in a limited timeframe. It is a comprehensive course book that focuses on the three most important components required for learning a foreign language:

- clear grammatical structures   
- relevant vocabulary
- sufficient practice (writing and listening)

It starts at Beginners level and goes through to Advanced learners, equivalent to level A1 through to B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CERF). 

This book has been written for high educated people  and differs from most school books in the choice of topics.  It is very stimulating to do this course with a friend or partner. You can practise the dialogues in the book and create variations on them.  The audio files (on CD or downloaded from the site) provide a lot of listening practice. I guided students through this book and added more exercises and  listening material, e.g.  the "Usefull fillers" and  irregular verbs following the lists in the book. 

You can leaf through it in the Atheneum bookstore in Amsterdam where they tend to have it on stock.
Athenaeum Boekhandel & Nieuwscentrum, Spui 14-16, 1012 XA Amsterdam